If you like predictable and formulaic storytelling, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Sorry, we’d like to help but it’s not what we do. We’re better at distinctive, amusing and thought-provoking content. We make films and TV drama. Sometimes we win awards or cause controversies. Secretly we enjoy these things, and keep the awards on nice shelves in our offices in Sheffield and London. But basically, when our audience is being intelligently entertained, then we’re happy.

Since it started, Warp Films has worked hard to earn its place as one of the most exciting and respected UK production companies. Commissioners, writers and directors work with Warp because we know how to support creative people and deliver visionary films and television dramas.

For ten years we’ve been among the best of British producers. We’ve learned a lot in that time and built strong relationships with fantastic talent. Ten years from now we hope that Warp Films will be counted among the best anywhere.

That’s what we’re aiming for, and we’re working towards it with prestige shows about to launch on Channel 4, Sky Atlantic and Canal +. Warp’s international ambitions are supported by our partner, ITV Global and by friends and collaborators from around the world. Our current slate contains ambitious sci-fi, controversial emotional drama, heist thrillers, literary adaptations, historical mysteries and much more. Warp’s mission has got nothing to do with genre or format, and everything to do with providing a distinctive window on the world. Our business is telling stories; funny stories, serious stories, but always deeply human stories, and always with heart.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve made the right choice.


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